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As part of the development of your group's Settlement Plan you will be asked to develop and submit a budget.  This budget will highlight how you expect to spend the money your group raises prior and upon the arrival of the family or individual. 


It is important that within the first week of arrival the family or individual is shown the budget and has an understanding of how this money was raised and for what purpose. At this point you should also explain that the sponsorship period is for 18 months, and that the financial support offered by your group will not be available once this period has ended.  


Some typical items to be included in your budget include:


  • Rent: Your group will need to pay rent for the property you secure prior to arrival and in advance of social welfare and Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) starting.

  • Food: Be sure to include costs associated with initial stocking of the kitchen (bread, milk, cleaning products etc.).

  • Transportation: This may include bus passes, taxis, cost of fuel, driving lessons, and/or cars.

  • Clothes: This may depend on the time of year people arrive. Clothing needs should be discussed with the family or individual prior to arrival or allocate money on arrival to purchase themselves.

  • Health:  This may include a plan for initial costs to cover services such as dental which the family may not be able to access for some time.  It may also include costs not covered by a medical card, including any special medical needs.

  • Education: This may include costs associated with school fees, uniforms books, and child care to allow parents to access training courses.

  • Furniture:  This may include costs associated with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, living room, dining room furnishings and other household items. Donated items may offset these costs.  Where possible speak with the family or individual prior to arrival to get their input into what they would like or need. Remember, the family may or may not require specific culturally appropriate furnishings.

  • Reserve/Emergency Funds:  This may include costs for medical or dental emergencies, and other unforeseen emergency expenses.

  • Language Tuition: this will include costs for formal English language tuition that provides an opportunity to obtain a qualification and/or certification.

  • Household Supplies: Laundry and cleaning supplies, for example.

  • Communication: mobile phones, phone plans, etc.


Your group should also prepare an initial weekly budget for the family or individual to show the expected costs associated with the running of the home and typical expenses. It is also important that you consider how the family will become familiar with the currency and what things cost in Ireland.


The My Budget section on the Money Advice & Budgeting Service (MABS) website can help you to prepare this budget, and you should make the family or individual aware of how they can contact MABS if they wish to speak with someone about finances and budgeting.


DOWNLOAD: Community Sponsorship Ireland_Budget Template for Community Sponsorship Groups

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