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Welcome Booklet

Your group should prepare a Welcome Booklet that is available to the family or individual as soon as they arrive in Ireland or if possible emailed prior to arrival. The booklet is a guide that provides information about the home, the community and Irish society, as well as what to expect during the first few weeks in Ireland and how to raise any issues that may arise. It can also be used to share details of your group, its members and how you will help the family or individual settle into their new community.


The booklet should be translated into the first language of the family or individual.


Download: the Welcome Booklet Template here:


Pre-Arrival Meeting


If possible, it is best to hold an online pre-arrival meeting with the family or individual you will welcome. This meeting will provide an important opportunity to explain who is in your group and what your role is in supporting them on arrival in Ireland.

It is also a good opportunity to let the family or individual know what part of Ireland their new home is located in, and allows you to show them photos of the home so they are aware of what it looks like, how many bedrooms are available and what amenities are available.

This meeting also allows you to ask if there are any specific foods, toiletries or other items that the family or individual would like to have in the home when they arrive. Depending on the time of year that they will arrive, you can also check if there are any particular clothing needs.

Your RSO will be able to advise if a pre-arrival meeting is possible.

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