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Sponsor Requirements

As a Community Sponsorship Group, you will commit to sponsor a refugee family for a period of 18 months and to ensure that housing is secured for a minimum of 24 months.  Your group will provide all necessary supports to the family during the initial period of their resettlement in Ireland and assist the family’s successful integration into your community. 


In advance of the family’s arrival, Community Sponsorship Groups are required to:

Some of the support your community sponsor group offer during the sponsorship period of 18 moths may include things such as:

  • Start-up needs such as household supplies and furnishings

  • Cultural and social activities

  • Healthcare services

  • Transportation

  • Access to education

  • Interpretation and translation

  • English language training

  • Housing

  • Places of worship

If you would like to apply to become a sponsor under the Community Sponsorship Programme, the first thing to do is to find like-minded individuals who wish to apply with you and to contact a RSO.

Further details on sponsors requirements can be found in the CSI Guide for Prospective Sponsors

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