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Forming A Group

Community Sponsorship is open to everyone and participation is voluntary. Applications can be made by all kinds of community groups, including local community groups, faith groups, businesses, neighbourhoods, and charities.


Finding Group Members


When you are thinking about becoming a community sponsor, you may discover

you are already part of a group – be it a faith group, a business or a community

group – which can provide the foundation for your sponsorship group.

Alternatively, you may find that you need to form a group from scratch.

This might mean that you need to establish new links and connections in your

local community to seek out like-minded people who also wish to provide practical

assistance to refugees.


The following are some ideas for outreach to establish your group:


  • Social media

You can use social media to inform others that you are looking for sponsorship group members to welcome refugees in your community.


  • Word of mouth

Spread the word to others to gauge their interest in sponsoring refugees together. This can be through friends, families, religious institutions, places of employment, sports clubs, universities, etc.

  • Community events

Local agencies, organisations, or institutions may organise information sessions that you can attend to learn about sponsorship and meet others in your community who are interested in sponsorship. You may wish to set up a table at a local farmer’s market, library, or café. At the table, you can chat with other community members about refugee issues, show videos about the journeys of refugees, and gauge interest in donating funds or forming a sponsorship group.


  • Be creative!

For example, a person created little notes attached to tea bags, inviting neighbours to a sponsorship learning session over tea. They went door to door and left these invitations in people’s letterboxes.  Those who attended the session ended up forming a community sponsorship group.

For more information on forming your group, please download our useful guide below:

DOWNLOAD: Community Sponsorship Ireland_Forming a Community Sponsorship Group



“I went along to the first meeting not thinking I’d actually get involved. But once you hear about it, that’s it, your heart is in."

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