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Pre-Arrival Checklist

As your community sponsorship group prepares for the immediate arrival of the refugee family it may be useful to review the below Pre-arrival Checklist: ​

​Review Settlement Plan - make any necessary changes.

Confirm group roles.

Review finances and budget.

Review and confirm Tenancy Agreement is in place.

Prepare the household for arrival; (fully furnished, appliances checked, gas/electricity/water ready).

Learn about the family’s society, culture, ethnicity and language.

Identify potential risks and prepare an emergency plan.

Prepare Welcome Booklet with group member pictures, sponsorship roles, bios, and contact information.

Contact local Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) (once you are aware of the school places required).

Review availability of English language classes for adults.

Confirm secure storage space in place for important papers (legal documents, leases, insurance policies, identity documents, etc.)

DOWNLOAD: Community Sponsorship Ireland_Pre-Arrival Checklist

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