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The Application Form

The Application Form is the first stage of the process and is an essential document that helps guide the development and formation of your group.  The application form asks you to begin setting out the supports your group will provide and who will be responsible for each of these supports. At this point you should contact your nearest Regional Support Organisation (RSO) who will help by providing additional information and will assist you to draft the Application Form. 


Remember that throughout the process you will have a wide range of supports made available to you at every step of the way including from your RSO as well as the National Peer Support Network for community sponsors.

Download: Community Sponsorship Application Form

Application Form Tips

During the application process consider:

  • Conducting regular face-to-face or online meetings whilst putting the application form together to keep momentum going.

  • Setting up a file sharing service (e.g. Google docs) to share important information and keep track of how the process is going.

  • Sharing group emails (remember to use the bcc field in your emails, or ask your group members in advance if they are happy to share their email address with others).

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