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Free Legal Advice Panel

The Community Sponsorship Free Legal Panel is coordinated in partnership with the Public Interest Law Alliance (PILA) and is composed of four leading Irish law firms who are available to offer free legal advice to families or community sponsorship groups at any point throughout the sponsorship period.


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The Legal Panel can provide advice for issues that may arise as community sponsorship Groups plan for the arrival or after the arrival of the sponsored family or individual.

A referral can be made by completing the simple online Referral Form available via the link below and can be submitted by a sponsorship group or family member.

Submitted Referral Forms will be provided to PILA who will assess each request and, where a legitimate legal need is found, will identify the most appropriate legal firm, based on their areas of expertise, to provide legal advice. For more information please download the Legal Panel FAQ leaflet available by clicking on the link below.

The legal firms that comprise the panel include:

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